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Keelvar’s Pricing

We aim to make it easy to work with us.

Keelvar’s pricing model reflects our business as a best-in-breed technology provider focused on customer satisfaction and success. We also care deeply about data security and compliance, so that our global customers trust us with their business data and operations. Learn more below.

Our Pricing Model

Please select and view any product below to get its pricing information.

Sourcing Optimizer

All Keelvar customers use our Sourcing Optimizer product. Our Pricing is a minimum 1-year subscription tiered by the number of procurement team users and expected spend volume. Our standard technical support is available to our global customers and their bidders as they run events across all time zones.
Optional with Sourcing Optimizer:
Keelvar’s Premium Advisory Service is an optional add-on licensed service for customer event advisory and best practices support, scenario analysis planning, and optimization coaching.

Sourcing Automation

Our Intelligent Sourcing Bots are priced to reflect their proportional value as they take on more tactical work for your team.
They operate in concert with our Sourcing Optimizer product.
Each Sourcing Bot, sold by spend category, is priced separately at a fixed 1-year minimum subscription, plus variable pricing based on expected event volumes handled by bot automation. 

Fulfillment Optimizer

Fulfillment Optimizer is priced separately as a minimum 1-year subscription, either as a stand-alone product or a complement to other Keelvar products for a more robust solution.

Other Products and Services

These additional products and services are available, pending a customer’s needs:
Training/On-Boarding Services
Managed Event Services
Bot Configuration
SAP Ariba Integration

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