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Keelvar’s Pricing

We aim to make it easy to work with us.

Keelvar’s pricing model reflects our business as a best-in-breed technology provider focused on customer satisfaction and success. We also care deeply about data security and compliance, so that our global customers trust us with their business data and operations. Learn more below.

How We Price Our Products

Our products are priced on annual subscription terms. They come with standard technical support, available to licensed client users and their bidders as they run events across all time zones. Every client also has an assigned Customer Success manager.

Sourcing Optimizer is our core platform for optimizing sourcing event bidding and awarding. It can integrate with our Sourcing Automation and Fulfillment Optimizer. Pricing is based on client user seats and estimated spend volumes.

Sourcing Optimizer Connector for SAP Ariba integrates data from the SAP Ariba API into Keelvar, to support sourcing where optimization is needed. This connector is priced separately.

Sourcing Automation describes our AI-powered intelligent automation bots that support sourcing in specific categories. These bots work in concert with Sourcing Optimizer. They also pair with Fulfillment Optimizer for automation when new rates are needed. Sourcing bots are priced per category or can enjoy bundled pricing.

Fulfillment Optimizer can be a standalone digital rate repository or can combine with Sourcing Optimizer to capture newly awarded rate in real time. It also integrates with Sourcing Automation as described above. Pricing is based on stand-alone use vs. bundling with other Keelvar products.

Enhanced Services Offerings:

Although our products are designed for usability and self-service, we recognize that many sourcing teams benefit from on-boarding help, best practices coaching, or even fully managed event services. Our Experienced Professional Services and Customer Success team members are here for you, with variably priced services that include:

Managed Events
Partially Managed Events
Event Support Center
On-going User Training
Custom Integrations via our API

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