By Spend Category

Optimize and Streamline Sourcing Decisions for More Spend Categories

Keelvar’s solutions for intuitive sourcing optimization and intelligent automation help companies easily address a range of spend types from strategic, annual sourcing events to reactive spot bidding and mini tenders.

Transportation Sourcing

Keelvar helps your transportation buyers be more efficient, agile, and strategic with intelligent automation that delivers:

Direct Materials Sourcing

For strategic spends that are crucial to your products, Keelvar helps improve speed, quality, and savings as you source direct and raw materials. You can swiftly react to demand, supply, and price fluctuations to keep your sourcing more responsive and agile.

Indirect & Services Sourcing

Indirect spends span a wide variety of size, complexity, stakeholders, buyers, and supplier types. Categories ranging from equipment to corporate and localized services to MRO can benefit from optimization and automation, thanks to Keelvar’s usability.

Packaging Materials Sourcing

With so many types of packaging subcategories and options for materials, alternative specifications, and creative pricing, Keelvar gives you an ideal sourcing solution for handling that complexity and arriving at an optimal award decision.