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Carlsberg Optimize €600m In Logistics Spend

With millions of euro at stake in their logistics category spending, Carlsberg Logistics had to make some strategic changes to stay ahead of competitors in the market.

Carlsberg’s Success in Streamlining Sourcing

Carlsberg Logistics had €600 million at stake in their logistics category spending and needed to make strategic changes to stay ahead. They were relying on spreadsheets and email for managing market-specific sourcing strategies, which was both resource-heavy and time-consuming.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Carlsberg implemented Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer, which provided scenario analysis among other powerful features to help the company save costs and time.

With Keelvar, Carlsberg centralized their procurement operations, reduced manual processes, and gained increased control over their supply chain. By integrating data analysis, visualizations, and market intelligence into their strategy, Carlsberg was able to rationalize their supplier base and create a common language for sharing information across different regions and internal teams.

As a result, Carlsberg’s decision-making process became more consistent, while standardization of their sourcing processes helped reduce cycle times for getting leadership approvals and enabled the company to react faster to changes in the market.


In logistics spending now optimized


extra savings generated

Sourcing optimization has helped Carlsberg Logistics achieve greater efficiency, control, and decision-making in their sourcing processes, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved performance.

“We now have standard elements that can be followed for road transportation events, making it much more efficient for the team, and for leadership.” - Koteswara Rao Malipeddi, Group Senior Category Manager for Logistics, Carlsberg

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