David Devlin

Chief Architect

As Chief Architect, David is responsible for Keelvar's technical strategy, and ensuring the company's product infrastructure continues to evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly scaling business. David graduated from University College Cork with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and is an alumni of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics (previously Cork Constraint Computation Centre), where his postgraduate research topics included the Boolean satisfiability problem, static analysis techniques, solver heuristics, and machine learning models.

David joined the founding team at Keelvar in 2013, working as a Principle Software Engineer during the development of Sourcing Optimiser and Sourcing Automation, before leading the Platform Engineering team as the company continued to grow and scale it's infrastructure.

"Working with exceptional colleagues, solving challenging real world problems together, and learning something new every day are just some of the things that make Keelvar such a special place to be. As we grow, we'll continue to foster an environment that places high value on collaboration, learning, teaching, and the deep understanding of our customers' problems that allows us to build truly innovative products."