Jack Dillane

Chief of Staff

As the Chief of Staff at Keelvar, Jack is dedicated to helping information flow throughout the leadership team and aid decision making to drive Keelvar’s growth while keeping it aligned to its core values.

Previously one of our Senior Procurement Analysts, Jack is an expert with Keelvar’s products and solutions and spent much of his time working directly with Keelvar’s customers ensuring they found success in their strategic sourcing events, across all procurement categories and spend profiles. Prior to joining Keelvar, Jack also held roles in Strategic and Operational procurement at Siemens Healthineers.

Jack holds an MEng in Engineering with Business, as well as a BSc in Computing with Machine Learning & AI and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

“Throughout my time with Keelvar, seeing the delight our customers get from using our products, whether they’re achieving their business goals or improving workflow efficiencies, is my biggest driver. I love working at Keelvar, we have a fantastic team behind some incredible products, and we are continually transforming the procurement landscape.”