Procurement is facing a daunting challenge: how to balance the competing demands of sustainable sourcing and cost effectiveness within their supply chains. In this joint webinar, experts from Keelvar and Searoutes will explore solutions to this problem, with a focus on how companies can manage their carbon emissions and costs effectively.

During the webinar, you'll learn about the powerful combination of Keelvar's Sourcing Optimizer and Searoutes' data analytics tools. Together, these tools can help companies achieve their sustainability goals while still maintaining critical KPIs.

Join us to:

- Discover how Keelvar and Searoutes can optimize your supply chain for both cost and CO2 emissions.

- Gain insights into the science behind Searoutes' data and why relying on “averages” can be misleading.

- See real-world examples of how to balance costs and CO2 emissions in your supply chain decisions.

- Get strategies for measuring, presenting, and achieving your company's CO2 goals using accurate baselines and data-driven analysis.