Learn how to identify the best sourcing use cases to automate as well as practical steps on how to get started. 

Autonomous sourcing is here, with 42% of procurement leaders indicating automation is a top digital transformation initiative to improve efficiency, reduce manual workload, control maverick spend and free up time to focus on more strategic tasks (Keelvar’s 2024 Voices of Sourcing survey).

However, the main question we hear from these leaders is: where do I start?

What we cover:

  • What autonomous sourcing is, what it isn’t — and what it means to your business
  • Real-world examples of where other leading global enterprises are sourcing autonomously. 
  • How to assess and evaluate your organization's readiness and where to start
  • The before-and-after impact on efficiency, costs, and strategic outcomes

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a practical guide on how to embrace automation.