Like the rest of the world, procurement has been mesmerized by the renewed promise of AI. It can compete with writers and painters and instantly create something new almost out of thin air. But with everything new comes unknowns, risk, and the need for new skills and capabilities.

Although it receives less buzz, automation has already proven its ability to take manual, repetitive tasks off of procurement’s plate so they can focus on strategy, relationship building, and market insight. Automation can soothe many of the pain points procurement often hears about, including processes that take too much time.

What if procurement could combine the strengths of both - AI and automation - to realize accelerated benefits such as process efficiency and an improved user experience?

In this AOP on-demand session, we are joined by Rasmus Kjaersgaard Nielsen, Senior Manager - Sourcing Excellence, Global Sourcing, KK Wind Solutions, Diarmuid Cahalane, Data Science Lead at Keelvar, and Kevin Neveu Jr., Solutions Consultant at Keelvar, who answered live questions about:

  • How AI and automation naturally fits into the procurement transformation efforts that are already underway
  • Best practices for leveraging procurement’s human and digital talents in the right balance
  • Real life examples that illustrate how AI and automation are elevating procurement’s impact on distributed buyers and the company as a whole