If 2023 marked the emergence of Autonomous Sourcing and the beginning of the automation and AI revolution, 2024 is when Autonomous Sourcing goes mainstream and the true leaders and innovators begin to separate from the pack.

Economic pressures and supply challenges are putting unprecedented strain on procurement teams who are already being asked to do more with less. Overstretched resources and outdated methods no longer work. Team burnout is reaching critical levels.

Change is imperative, and 2024 is poised to be the year it happens. Keelvar’s 2024 Voices of Sourcing survey reports that this is the year that procurement professionals will rapidly adopt automation into their sourcing strategy and increase AI adoption.

Catch up on our insightful webinar with the Sourcing Industry Group where we delved into the survey findings and looked at how intelligent automation is the solution for operating at the ever increasing pace of today’s business.