A New Visual Guide: Logistics Spot Buys and Smart Automation


July 28, 2022

Henry Ford is cited as having said, "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Like many memorable quotes, the message is both simple and powerful; if you are looking for an improved outcome from your efforts, you need to assess what can be done differently to ensure superior results. 

As sourcing becomes more urgent, thankfully, many Chief Procurement Officers have now prioritized the tools, strategies and talent needed to get their businesses thriving even under the volatility that continues to affect workloads.

Within logistics procurement specifically (ocean, air, road freight), intelligent automation is increasingly being leveraged as a way to navigate the choppy waters of supply chain disruptions, sky-high transportation rates and u-turns on the part of carriers honoring commitments. By ​​making the shift to modern technology solutions over desktop tools or older-sourcing software, procurement leaders are providing their teams with the means of responding faster and more competitively to upheavals in the market.

For Keelvar’s customers, the switch to AI-powered optimization and automation software lets them offload and automate as much as 90% of tactical spot buying tasks to our Intelligent Automation Bots. Not only is this having significant time savings benefits, but global companies have been able to create competitive spot bidding more easily and unlock other benefits such as 100% digitization. 

So how does it all work, and what is the human worker’s role in the process? Simply put, these Intelligent Bots help our customers to leverage their human capital and resources in new ways, unlocking new and sometimes unexpected benefits along the process. 

A Look at Logistics Sourcing Automation
A Look at Logistics Sourcing Automation. Credit: Keelvar

As explained best by CEO Alan Holland, “Keelvar is, effectively, abstracting away much of that process and removing these details from view and just leaving steps in the process that require human action.” So just like the famous Ford quote, the whole process is – frankly – both simple (as far as our customers can see it) and powerful. 

But if you would like to take a peek under the hood and see how the spot procurement of logistics can be made easier with the help of by Keelvar’s Bots, download our infographic, ‘A Look at Logistics Sourcing Automation’ today.

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