A week with our (Sievo) friends in Helsinki

Jacob Fernow

June 6, 2024

BDR Manager Jacob Fernow shares his takeaways from attending Sievo Friends event in Helsinki, unlocking ProcureTech's future, and bridging data-to-action gaps with best-of-breed solutions:

At Keelvar, we believe in the power of partnerships and innovation. Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the “Sievo Friends” event in Helsinki, Finland. I’m thrilled to share my experiences and the significance of this journey.

From Minnesota to Finland: A Journey of Connectivity and Innovation

Flying from Minnesota to Finland, the land of 100,000 lakes and breathtaking archipelagos, was an inspiring journey. Both regions are known for their stunning natural beauty, but Finland holds the title of the happiest country in the world. The warmth and friendliness of the Finnish people were evident from the moment I arrived, setting a positive tone for the entire visit.

Finland’s vibrant culture and forward-thinking approach to technology provided the perfect backdrop for the event. The sunny weather during my stay added to the charm as I traveled by train through picturesque landscapes to the heart of Helsinki. The city’s welcoming atmosphere made my visit even more enjoyable and laid the foundation for an inspiring experience.

Workshops in the Heart of Helsinki

Our workshops were held in the center of the city, near Grand Central Station. This central location was ideal, allowing easy access for participants arriving by train. The interactive sessions, run by Kasia Tati (Partnership Director, Keelvar) Mario Horvat (Senior Solution Consultant, Keelvar), Mikka Mikkonen (Channel Sales Manager, Sievo), and me, provided a platform for discussing thought leadership and the latest trends, challenges, and future innovations in procurement and sourcing. Mario demonstrated how to create and build a bot in real-time, showcasing our technology to a large audience of managers, directors, executives, and leaders in procurement and sourcing.

The workshops facilitated meaningful exchanges of ideas and insights. The workshop was recieved so overwhelmingly positively that we had to run it twice. One of the most significant outcomes of the event was Stanley Black & Decker agreeing to be the pilot customer for both Sievo and the upcoming integration.

"The workshop was received so overwhelmingly positively that we had to run it twice"

This milestone is crucial for best-of-breed software solutions, demonstrating the strength and potential of our combined offerings. It’s like building the ultimate sports team or an all-star team, where each player brings their unique strengths to create an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Celebrating Finland’s Culinary Delights and Whiskey Tasting

The culinary experiences in Finland were a highlight of the trip. From traditional white fish, braised lamb, smoked oxtail, beef tartar, and cod dishes to unique licorice desserts, the local cuisine offered delightful new tastes. Aabhas Bhardwaj, VP of Partnerships and Sales for Sievo, hosted a fantastic secret whiskey-tasting event featuring whiskeys from all over the world, including Japanese whiskey, smoked Finnish whiskey, American bourbon, Redbreast from Ireland, and Indian whiskey. This event brought together partners, solution providers, and Sievo’s customers in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, fostering camaraderie and networking.

The synergy continued with a karaoke session, where we all sang and celebrated the day’s successes. The perfect ending to an incredible day was a traditional Finnish sauna followed by a swim in the Baltic Sea. This unique experience highlighted the importance of relaxation and rejuvenation, reinforcing the strong bonds formed during the event.

Bridging the Data-to-Action Gap

Closing the data-to-action gap and bridging world-class best-of-breed solutions is the future of procuretech. Our partnership with Sievo and the outcomes of this event are prime examples of how we can achieve this vision. By investing in partner events and fostering strong connections, we are building a robust ecosystem that drives innovation and excellence in procurement.

The importance of connectivity and collaboration cannot be overstated. Our friends at Sievo did an excellent job hosting the event -- Sammeli Sammalkorpi, Co-founder & CEO gave an outstanding opening address -- and together, we demonstrated the power of working together. The synergy between Sievo, Keelvar, and our partners is a testament to the potential of best-of-breed solutions.

"The synergy between Sievo, Keelvar, and our partners is a testament to the potential of best-of-breed solutions"

A realization I had as the BDR Manager for Keelvar was the emphasis on investing in partner events. Everyone did a great job, and our friends at Sievo excelled in creating a productive and enjoyable atmosphere. Working on commercial events and fostering partnerships with Sievo and best-of-breed solutions is the future. Connectivity is key, and we need more integrations to achieve our goals.


The event in Helsinki was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the future of procurement technology. As we continue to build strong partnerships and bridge the data-to-action gap, we are paving the way for a brighter future in procuretech. The event showcased the power of partnerships and the potential of innovative solutions to transform the procurement landscape. Let’s continue to invest in these connections and work towards creating world-class solutions that drive win-win outcomes for our clients.

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