Four Webinars to Inspire Sourcing Success


August 17, 2022

Sourcing leaders and practitioners from Keelvar customers including McKesson, Samsung, Grupo Nutresa, and formerly from ABB had a lot to say last as they simultaneously navigated disruptions and modernization projects.

Many sourcing teams also saw the annual RFP take a backseat in favor of increasingly more routine sourcing, with logistics, in particular, seeing ever-more-frequent spot-buying needs. 

In many ways, these and other challenges hastened the push towards sourcing implementing technology that can optimize business performance. For plenty of Keelvar customers of our Sourcing Optimization solution, such tech has enabled their sourcing teams to buy smarter, reduce costs, and get ahead of any competitors.

If achieving strategic sourcing success is your new year’s resolution but you’re not quite sure how best to go about it, fear not. With just the first week of the year under our belts, there are still plenty of opportunities to make the switch from old software and invest in modernizing tools and processes to elevate ROI, talent development and help with corporate goal achievement. 

With that in mind, we’ve selected four (<1 hour long) webinars featuring expert industry speakers and Keelvar customers providing implementation tips and examples of the incredible cost and non-cost benefits that can be unlocked with the help of modern sourcing optimization technology:

  1. Sourcing & Sustainability - Gearing Up for Scope 3 Emissions : View on-demand here
“If you have an internal cost of carbon, you can do scenario analysis very quickly and start to work out where it’s best to bias in favor of suppliers who are more sustainable.”

Sourcing has a big opportunity this year to drive sustainability achievements, and reducing Scope 3 emissions – those resulting from the activities of your suppliers – is one surefire way to take big strides forward in this area. 

In a December 2021 webinar featuring Sustainable Logistics expert John Muncey as a guest speaker, the panel discussed how sourcing and procurement professionals could make improvements to their own organization’s sustainability by tracking carbon emissions accurately.

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand how sourcing optimization is ideally suited for capturing information from suppliers about the processes they use or the equipment they use to supply goods or services. You will also receive practical steps and examples on how to structure sourcing events to capture and optimize for sustainability improvements. Watch it here.

  1. Sourcing Modernization & ROI : View on-demand here

“The promise of savings since the beginning was very important for us to gain adoption, and that promise was very well fulfilled since the first event.”

In this presentation, hear from a global leader in sourcing best practice as they share their strong ROI and success story following their decision to implement a digital roadmap to modernize their strategic sourcing.

In September 2021, Keelvar customer and Colombian food conglomerate Grupo Nutresa presented on their sourcing transformation and modernization journey at the DPW Conference. Hear two members of the digital procurement team explain how they use Sourcing Optimizer for more complex needs in categories like packaging, logistics, and MRO – as a complement to SAP Ariba for e-auction events where lowest price is the focus. Watch it and download a full transcript here.

  1. Sourcing Optimization is Key to Samsung's Transformation Initiative : View on-demand here
“Sourcing Optimizer is like having a second pair of eyes checking everything that you're doing, but in a smart way."

Following an internal benchmarking study, Samsung Electronics set out to evaluate and select an e-sourcing solution for upgrading their logistics sourcing practices to help them “work smarter.” In record time, they were running their largest-ever transportation eRFP enhanced with sourcing optimization and are now moving to standardize competitive sourcing with their chosen partner, Keelvar.

In this on-demand webinar, hear how a combination of upgraded technology and process improvements enabled Samsung to transform their transportation sourcing, and what their implementation and results looked like. Watch it and download a full transcript here.

  1. Using Lessons Learned from Supply Chain Disruption to Fuel Resilience and Agility : View on-demand here
“Excel is nice, but it's not where we need to be.”

As a major provider of medical PPE and equipment globally Keelvar customer, McKesson, has been on the procurement front lines for much of the pandemic. Feeling "held back" by legacy systems, Kesson chose to switch to tools that could handle the full workflow from sourcing to delivery, including their partnership with Keelvar. As panelist Vice President of Global Operations at McKesson Tad Strong, explains: "to be a successful company, you've got to be ready for change, and you've got to be adaptable." 

In this webinar, hear how prior to the pandemic McKesson was on schedule to save 6% of its global freight budget, having already saved 6% the year before just by changing to the use of the sourcing optimization solution. And watch this space: over the next few years, the global healthcare organization has some big plans on making that shift into a more automated, more robust system. ​​View the full webinar to find out more.

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