How Keelvar and Searoutes Help Optimize Savings and CO2: Webinar Takeaways

Kerrie Kennedy

June 8, 2023

Ever since the landmark Paris Agreement, which set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions, governments worldwide are actively working towards a more sustainable future.

As a result, cutting costs and reducing CO2 emissions in procurement practices is no longer just a choice but a necessity. However, different countries are at varying stages of progress, with some leading the way in implementing sustainability measures.

With different countries at varying stages of progress in implementing sustainability measures, businesses with supply chains must navigate through a complex landscape of diverse legislations and regulations to ensure genuine environmental progress. Greenwashing, the practice of misleadingly presenting a company's environmental efforts, adds another layer of complexity to the procurement landscape and necessitates the need for transparent and data-driven solutions as companies  increasingly need to prove that they're doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint.

Against this backdrop, innovative companies like Keelvar and Searoutes have joined forces to offer valuable solutions to help businesses navigate their sustainability journey while achieving their cost and CO2 reduction goals.

In a recent webinar led by Keelvar's VP of Professional Services, Dylan Alperin, and Searoutes' VP of Sales, Josie Hansen, valuable insights into the power of these platforms and the importance of proactive measures were shared.

Read on to delve into some of the insights shared during the webinar and discover how Keelvar and Searoutes can empower businesses to stay ahead in an ever-changing procurement environment. You can also watch the webinar 'Cut Costs and Carbon' on demand here.

1. Unleash the power of data to drive informed procurement decisions

The speakers explained that the power of data cannot be underestimated when it comes to making informed procurement decisions. By leveraging Keelvar and Searoutes, procurement experts gain access to comprehensive and standardized data, enabling them to measure and compare carriers and suppliers effectively.

"You're measuring every carrier and every supplier in exactly the same way. So the data is indisputable"

As Josie emphasized during the webinar, "You're measuring every carrier and every supplier in exactly the same way. So the data is indisputable." This ensures a clear and accurate understanding of performance metrics and paves the way for data-driven negotiations.

2. Partner with carriers for sustainable success

Procurement professionals need not view carriers as adversaries, but rather as partners in achieving sustainable objectives. The speakers emphasized the importance of engaging in open discussions with carriers to explore collaborative opportunities.

Dylan highlighted this by stating, "Let the suppliers compete in a fair process on cost and on CO2. We can give them feedback on CO2 as well as cost." By fostering a supportive environment, shippers and carriers can work together to identify operational strategies and mutually beneficial solutions.

3. The right solution can have an immediate and tangible impact on CO2 reduction

Unlike many long-term initiatives that require substantial investments, Keelvar and Searoutes can enable quick and measurable reductions in CO2 emissions. As Dylan explained, "This is not paying for carbon credits. This is really reducing your CO2, your gross CO2." By utilizing both platforms, businesses can rapidly implement changes and achieve significant CO2 reduction without the need for lengthy and complex projects.

"Understanding the network that you have and how to optimize it can give you quick wins"

4. Optimize supply chain networks for cost and carbon reductions

Understanding the intricacies of supply chain networks is crucial for unlocking cost and CO2 reduction opportunities, the speakers continued. By leveraging the comprehensive data provided by Searoutes and optimizing it in Keelvar, procurement experts gain insights into different routing options, carrier efficiency, and port choices.

As Josie emphasized, "Understanding the network that you have and how to optimize it can give you quick wins and help you on your journey." This optimization allows businesses to identify the most efficient and environmentally friendly routes.

5. Take a proactive approach now to ensure a successful tomorrow

With ambitious CO2 reduction targets looming, it is essential for procurement professionals to take proactive measures now rather than waiting for last-minute changes. The speakers stresses the importance of starting the journey towards sustainability today to avoid insurmountable challenges in the future.

"Now's a great time where you can still drive a lot of savings, you can drive that CO2 impact, and you can try to secure a better budget for next year"

As Dylan asserted, "Now is a great time to be doing this. In a lot of logistics markets, prices have come down very significantly from where they were a year or two ago. Now's a great time where you can still drive a lot of savings, you can drive that CO2 impact and you can try to secure a better budget for next year.

"Let's not wait until we're surprised in a year, and all these surcharges are hitting us," he added.

Watch the webinar 'Cut Costs and Carbon' on demand here

In leveraging both Keelvar and Searoutes, businesses can drive change, achieve cost savings, and meet future sustainability goals head-on. By embracing data-driven decision-making, fostering collaboration, and optimizing supply chain networks, sourcing professionals are empowered to take the necessary steps today to secure a sustainable and successful future.

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