Keelvar Stays a Sourcing Value Leader in Spring 2021 SolutionMap from Spend Matters

Jennifer Sikora

April 6, 2022

Spend Matters provides procurement teams a lot of value with their bi-annual SolutionMaps, packing a lot of insight into this visual vendor analysis. Keelvar is proud to once again rank as a value leader for both “optimizer” and “nimble” procurement team personas in the Sourcing SolutionMap in the spring 2021 update cycle. To achieve placement in the value leader quadrant, solution providers like Keelvar must have high combined scores from solution analysis and customer feedback.

Keelvar maintains its standing here from its placement in the fall 2020 edition of this solution map, demonstrating our consistency in product delivery and customer satisfaction. Customer success continues to be a central core value for our company, even as we continue to grow. 

Among the four other personas in the Sourcing SolutionMap -- CIO-friendly, deep, configurator, and turn-key -- Keelvar ranks well as a Customer leader based on input from those using our products.

The sourcing solution landscape is characterized by products that offer a range of capabilities, depending on the provider and which tool. There are basic e-sourcing/eRFP and e-auction solutions all the way to robust sourcing optimization that can tackle more complex and nuanced supplier bid collection and award decisions. And with Keelvar, our sourcing solution also includes the newer area of intelligent automation through sourcing bots that are taking on significant tedious workloads for customers to help speed and scale their productivity.

Some key reasons why we believe we have advantages over other providers in the SolutionMap, including companies like Coupa and Jaggaer who also have established sourcing optimization offerings:

  • Our pace of product innovation and focus on modern approaches
  • Our longer-term vision for elevating the impact of strategic sourcing
  • Our solutions’ flexibility and ability to scale
  • Our responsiveness, attention, and commitment to our customers

Technology should make things easier, so we hope that anyone considering a change or upgrade to help their sourcing process will take a serious look at Keelvar and our fast time-to-value. 

To help with solution provider comparisons, we now have an in-depth Buyer’s Book available on “Making the Case for Sourcing Optimization” -- a 27-page practical guide with customer ROI examples that can help guide your own assessment and evaluation.

And finally, a special thank you to the team at Spend Matters for their ongoing commitment to offering such helpful analysis for the procurement function through the SolutionMap offerings. It’s a worthy project to take on and publish twice a year!

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