Digital Darwinism: Early adoption of emerging strategic sourcing solutions key to business survival

David Siedt

April 6, 2022

Technological progress is accelerating, and it has been for quite some time. In an era of persistent digital transformation, the ever-increasing rate of disruptive innovation in enterprise-level solutions can leave businesses scrambling to ensure each department is sufficiently equipped with the tools they need to not only survive rapidly-changing market conditions, but to thrive in them.

In business, true digital transformation doesn’t require the wholesale adoption of every emerging software suite; it means empowering your teams with the relevant future-facing technologies that allow them to perform better.

Transportation sourcing professionals face many challenges when collecting and analyzing carrier bids on their lanes. We often hear the same issues from shippers and 3PL agents:


• “Cleaning up bid data is tedious and time-consuming” 

• “There are so many non-price variables we need to factor into our award decisions”

• “Incorporating carrier capacity commitments into analysis is difficult”

• “We need specific types and counts of carriers to be awarded on specific lanes”

• “Sourcing optimization tools are too complex”

At Keelvar, we have designed a tool that addresses the complexity of the transportation sourcing process, and takes the heavy lifting out of your hands, enabling you to focus on improving sourcing strategies and building better business relationships.

Keelvar's Sourcing Optimizer gives you the power to handle large and small sourcing events across all categories: full truckload, less-than-truckload, ocean, air, parcel, drayage, and warehousing.


Sourcing Optimizer has a fresh, modern, and intuitive user interface, built with both the buyer and carrier in mind.

Big Data Horsepower

 Keelvar can power very large sourcing events with 100s of carriers, 10,000+ lanes, and 1,000,000+ bids.


Best-in-Class AI

Born out of one of the world’s leading AI research universities, Keelvar is years ahead of the competition in AI-powered sourcing.


Point and Click Scenario Rule-Building

Keelvar has robust scenario rule-building, with rule and cost-modeling capabilities not possible with leading competitors. This allows buyers to easily layer in all of their stakeholder constraints without having to analyze offline.


Carrier Capacity

As Keelvar enables carriers to define their capacity limits at the lane level and their defined geographic levels, capacity can be factored in during optimization.


Traffic Light Feedback

Buyers can turn on real-time traffic light feedback that gives carriers guidance on lanes where they are competitive and not competitive. This is highly-configurable and produces amazing price compression.


Rapid Event Builds

No other technology allows for easier event builds; Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimizer enables you to build events in half the time of leading competitors.


Keelvar carefully designed the first sourcing optimization tool that everyone can use with little or no training. The combination of an intuitive user interface,powerful optimization, automation bots, and digital rate cards provides results and savings that are simply not achievable using Excel or basic eSourcing tools.

To learn more about Sourcing Optimizer, Sourcing Automation, and how Keelvar can help to transform your sourcing process, contact us today.


David Siedt is a pre-sales engineer at Keelvar, with over 14 years of industry experience serving hundreds of fortune 500 companies with their strategic sourcing initiatives.

Image: James Pond | Unsplash

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