Keelvar World Tour Rolls into Darmstadt, London, Houston, Minneapolis & Dublin

August 28, 2018

Alan Holland

Keelvar's World Tour continues in this Fall and Winter with events in Europe and North America. We begin with a Think Tank event organized by the Beyond Group in Darmstadt and then move to London for the eWorld event and then to Houston and Minneapolis before coming closer to home again with a roundtable event in Dublin.The content of all of these events will have AI and recent advances in Automation as the main topic. Change is happening swiftly in this space so these events will be an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments.

  • Darmstadt, EU 2018 Procurement Think Tank, Sept 24th, at the Beyond Group Think Tank (An invitation only event)
  • eWorld, London Oct 3rd. Dr Alan Holland will be a guest speaker on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Strategic Sourcing. See
  • Houston, October 10th. Dr Alan Holland, Keelvar CEO, will speak at the ISM-Houston Annual Supply Chain Leader Summit [An invitation only event for ISM members]
  • Minneapols, Oct 11th. A roundtable event with procurement leaders from the mid-west will take place at the Hotel Minneapolis: register here AI and Strategic Sourcing: Keelvar in Minneapolis
  • Dublin, Nov 30th. A roundtable event with procurement leaders from Ireland and the UK will take place in central Dublin: register here AI and Strategic Sourcing: Keelvar in Dublin

Please feel free to register for any of the above events that are not invite-only (Darmstadt and Houston). Learn much more about Intelligent Sourcing Automation and how Advanced Sourcing Optimization can deliver results for your procurement team.

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