Marketing Humor: Top Email Emojis + Sourcing Solutions

Jennifer Sikora

April 6, 2022

World Emoji Day 2021 is July 17th. In honor of this… Keelvar’s content marketing specialist shared some findings published by our CRM and marketing automation platform provider (HubSpot) of the top emojis used in email subject lines based on response rates:

Emoji ranking
Source: HubSpot ebook “100 Marketing + Sales Email Subject Lines We Actually Clicked”

Interesting list of visuals, and it immediately launched a cheeky Slack thread on our internal marketing channel about some of these and the absurd ways we could use them. So for this blog post, we’re bringing a bit of humor and lightness while still communicating some of the advantages of Keelvar’s offerings to sourcing professionals. 

Focusing on the top 5 emojis on Hubspot’s list, here’s what we came up with:

  1. 🐙 Why Our Sourcing Bots are Like the Mighty Octopus – This automation brings the intelligence, learning, and multitasking needed to create speed and efficiency, all while quietly working on up to 90% of sourcing event tasks under the surface.
  2. Quit 🐴 ing Around: Optimize Your Sourcing Today! – When sourcing optimization can deliver 100% ROI (or more) with just your first event, it’s time to increase adoption.
  3. 👖 No matter what your size, Keelvar handles all your sourcing events – Whether it’s your largest, most complex annual RFP or your higher-frequency spot bidding events, Keelvar can support the full spectrum. Try us on!
  4. 🍒This one came in with two possible ideas from our team, so in the real world, we would likely A/B test this one:

    Why Sourcing Automation is the 🍒 on Your Optimization Strategy – how automation can drive competitive tension even in your small spot bids

    Is Your E-Sourcing 🍒 Sour or Sweet? – the
    current challenges many are not yet addressing with their existing e-sourcing solution
  5. 🚂 Full Steam Ahead | New eBook on Sourcing Automation’s Momentum – Learn how to modernize and move forward with sourcing automation solutions, an in-depth guide.

Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of our system, we do indeed hope you take a read through some of our serious content and the real results we are generating for our customers. Visit our Resources here.

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