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What is Sourcing Optimizer?

Sourcing Optimizer is an eSourcing tool for running sourcing events of any size and complexity.
1 minute read

What is Sourcing Automation?

A software framework that uses Sourcing Bots to automate manual processes for innovative sourcing teams.
1 minute read

What is Fulfillment Optimizer?

An intelligent rate card using Sourcing Bots to source and auto populate missing or expiring rates.
1 minute read

Ocean Freight: Success Story

23% savings, 40% time reduction with Sourcing Optimizer
5 minute read

Sourcing Optimization vs eSourcing

The differences between Sourcing Optimization and eSourcing.
5 minute read

AI Enabled Sourcing Automation

A deep dive into the key technological advancements which permit intelligent automation of sourcing.
10 minute read

Sourcing Robotics 2017

Charting the Path to Automation of Sourcing.
10 minute read

Sourcing Optimization for Public Procurement

Examining the process of public sector tendering using optimization and associated benefits.
10 minute read

Sourcing Automation Conference: Keelvar Konnect in Zurich

Keelvar's Sourcing Automation Conference brought together forward thinking sourcing professionals for a day of presentations and discussions.
5 Minute Read

How Sourcing Bots automate 93% of tasks in Ocean mini-tenders

Sourcing Bot for mini tenders in Ocean Freight result in 93% of tasks automated. Faster sourcing and consistent excellence with Keelvar.
5 Minute Read

That’s not a Bot, This is a Bot

Using Sourcing Bots in strategic sourcing: True Intelligent Automation in Sourcing Automation applies Artificial Intelligence to automate and improve sourcing processes over time.
5 Minute Read

Game Theory and Procurement: Scaling Excellence

Game Theory has been oversold as a panacea for Procurement. Truly scalable application of this discipline requires Automation and Algorithmic Game Theory.
5 Minute Read

What is Sourcing Automation?

Learn how Keelvar is using Sourcing Automation with Sourcing Bots to speed up and improve processes for enterprise sourcing teams.
2 Minute Read 

An introduction to Sourcing Optimization

An introduction to sourcing optimization with Keelvar's Sourcing Optimizer.
5 Minute Read

Mega-Bids: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimization and Sourcing Automation platforms are developed and powered by experts in the e-sourcing field.
5 Minute Read

Part 1: Looking back and moving forward: The past, present and future of e-sourcing

Dr Rich Wilson outlines the rapid acceleration of e-sourcing, how it influences procurement processes today, and how it will shape the future of sourcing.
5 Minute Read

Part 2: Looking back and moving forward: The past, present and future of e-sourcing

Rich Wilson explores Sourcing Automation as the future of e-sourcing with Keelvar.
5 Minute Read

Wall St and White Collar Automation: Parallels for Procurement

AI-based techniques for wrestling with larger data sets and making more nuanced and better decisions are widely accepted on Wall St. procurement is following this same path.
5 Minute Read

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