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Human+Machine Prequel

The Human+Machine Contest will showcase how a bot designed for intelligent sourcing automation compares to an expert human buyer in real bidding events.

In this 55-minute Prequel to that contest, we feature a presentation by chess grandmaster and Deep Blue opponent, Garry Kasparov – “Automation and the Future of Work”.

Kasparov's talk is followed by a lively panel discussion on Sourcing Automation with leading strategic sourcing experts. Alan Holland - CEO of Keelvar, Lars Jensen – CEO of Sea Intelligence Consulting, and Ian Harmon – Commercial Director discuss the future of procurement and sourcing work as intelligent automation technologies become real-world solutions.

Also get a preview of our contest Sourcing Bot and discover how it can become your digital co-worker.

Can one of the world's best buyers of global ocean freight beat Keelvar's intelligent sourcing bot?

Get your free contest ticket today – contest.keelvar.com.
Moderator:Jennifer Sikora, Vice President, Marketing, Keelvar

Allan Holland - Keelvar CEO & Founder
Garry Kasparov -
Lars Jensen – CEO of Sea Intelligence Consulting
Ian Harmon –Commercial Director

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