"In almost every case, the first sourcing event that they conduct utilizing a sourcing optimization technology, it will more than pay for the entire subscription of the tool"

In this panel discussion of sourcing solution experts, attendees will better understand sourcing optimization and its proven benefits for many types of spend sizes and categories.

Many procurement teams may believe sourcing optimization is either too complicated or unnecessary, preferring to stick to basic e-sourcing tools and even Excel-based negotiations. But the reality is that after sourcing teams adopt sourcing optimization, most report new savings of 100%+ ROI after just the first bidding event. And there are other clear benefits, including process best practices and supplier relationships.

This webinar features panelist discussion on:

  • What is sourcing optimization and when and why should you use it?
  • Types of supplier award decisions you can evaluate beyond lowest price
  • Why it’s not just for large, highly complex annual negotiations
  • Benefit examples from packaging, indirects, logistics and direct materials
  • Recommendations on implementation and rollout