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Siemens Fulfil Urgent Requests with Sourcing Bots

Global technology powerhouse Siemens found a way to revolutionize the process of fulfilling urgent rate requests by utilizing Keelvar’s Autonomous Sourcing.

Siemens Discovered Huge Time Savings

Siemens was facing delays in fulfilling urgent rate requests for healthcare machines due to their slow and time-consuming process of manually reaching out to multiple suppliers.

The company’s old way of managing urgent requests involved an engineer submitting a request to the procurement department, which would then be sent to sourcing managers who would have to manually reach out to multiple suppliers via email and phone to get updated rates. This process could be slow and time-consuming, often causing delays.

Siemens decided to change the game by using Keelvar Autonomous Sourcing, and discovered huge time savings in the process. Now, when an engineer submits a request, it syncs with Keelvar and component price requests can be automated.

Sourcing managers are instantly notified of the request and Keelvar reaches out to suppliers to get updated rates. The engineers are then immediately notified of the rates when they arrive, allowing them to quickly make informed decisions and get the necessary components to fix the healthcare machines as soon as possible.


phone calls removed by automating component price requests


extra savings generated

Using Autonomous Sourcing, Siemens was able to save time for procurement and ensure that healthcare machines were fixed faster, ultimately improving patient care.

“We've been utilizing Keelvar since 2019, and we currently have three different bots for three categories. We've found that each one offers unique benefits – each one is is highly utilized, with very happy users.” - Swaroopa Sahu, Senior Digitization Specialist, Siemens

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