NHS Commissioning & Procurement: Securing Sustainable Change

April 15, 2014

Benjamin Jakobus

Alan Holland from Keelvar will be speaking at the upcoming NHS Commissioning and Procurement event to be held in London on April 29th next.The NHS is facing increasing demands; an ageing population, the cost of advances in science and technology, and rising public expectations. Most forecasts indicate a significant and growing funding gap and it is clear that radical transformation is needed. It is increasingly obvious that procurement practises need to change so as to reflect the modern demands being placed on the NHS.The goal of the all day event is to introduce delegates to the latest procurement practises, enabling them to keep abreast of latest developments.Alan Holland CEO and Founder of Keelvar, will discuss how new EU procurement directives increase the attractiveness of utilizing SME's to deliver both savings and local economic growth.

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