Keelvar at IANA Intermodal Expo (Long Beach, CA)

September 10, 2014

Benjamin Jakobus

Keelvar at IANA Intermodal Expo (Long Beach, CA)

Keelvar will be exhibiting at the upcoming IANA Intermodal Expo in Long Beach California (Booth 440) on September 21-23.

Keelvar's sourcing optimization solution is ideal for freight buyers, from shippers to 3PL's and Freight forwarders, who can shift spend from tactical buying on spot markets towards strategic sourcing. The approach enables shippers, 3PL's and freight forwarders to leverage their scale, and helps them to consolidate spend with the most efficient carriers, driving significant savings. Carriers also benefit from the approach as it helps them reduce dwell time and achieve continuous movements.

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About Intermodal Expo

Intermodal Expo is a leading North American intermodal supply chain event, where the industry’s products and services are showcased, and the industry’s issues and challenges are examined.

About IANA

IANA is North America's leading industry trade association representing the combined interests of the intermodal freight industry.IANA's membership roster of over 1,000 corporate members includes railroads—Class I, short-line and regional; water carriers and stacktrain operators; port authorities; intermodal truckers and over-the-road highway carriers; intermodal marketing and logistics companies; and suppliers to the industry such as equipment manufacturers, intermodal leasing companies and consulting firms. IANA's associate (non-voting) members include shippers (defined as the beneficial owners of the freight to be shipped), academic institutions, government entities and non-profit association

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