Kieran Moynihan joins the Board of Directors

June 5, 2013

Benjamin Jakobus

Kieran Moynihan, former VP at IBM, has joined the Board of Directors of Keelvar Systems.He co-founded Comnitel, a telecoms software company in 1999 and led the company as CEO from initial start-up through a $30m series of fundraising with leading international venture capitalists. Over the period 2003 – 2007 Kieran performed the role of Chief Technology Officer for Vallent (a combination of 3 telecoms software companies Comnitel, Metrica and WatchMark) driving the company’s product and go-to-market strategy leading to the acquisition of Vallent ( 450 staff ) by IBM in February 2007. Kieran took on the role of Vice President and CTO for Telecoms for the IBM Tivoli division and has also been a key strategist & visionary for IBM’s overall telecoms business worldwide. Kieran has extensive M&A experience both on the acquirer and acquired side.

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